Hideout House Company complete Eco-classroom at William Gilpin Primary School

The Hideout House Company have just completed an eco outdoor classroom at William Gilpin Primary School in the New Forest. The outdoor classroom itself is a 5m octagonal gazebo which can easily cater for a class of 30 children and features an attractive cedar shingle tile roof and exterior cedar cladding. The school wanted to add an extra dimension and turn into a fully fledged eco classroom where the children could learn all about renewable energy and how it is made. The Hideout House Company were commissioned to supply this eco outdoor classroom and came up with the idea of having a solar panel and wind turbine mounted onto the side of the building. The energy created from the wind and the sun is stored into a battery which is mounted onto an internal power board in the classroom building itself. If they so wish, the children can isolate the power coming from the turbine and solar panel so that they can see for example on a windy day how much energy is coming off the turbine…or if it is a sunny day, how much energy is produced via the solar panel. By way of an inverter, the energy stored in the battery is then turned into usable electricity. There are two power sockets mounted on the board which the school children can then use to power up their laptops, mobiles, visualisers. So green energy in its purest form! There is also a datalogger system built into the system which allows the children to store and monitor relevant information from the system and to undertake outdoor eco exercises.

Sustainability is now such a big and important issue within schools and there are now nearly 18,000 registered Eco Schools in England alone. For further information on their products, please contact the Hideout House Company on 01865 858982 or email: info@hideouthouse.com