The GLP is aimed at Key Stages 2 and 3, developing critical thinking and understanding of issues such as poverty, inequality, sustainability and global responsibility, through subject-based learning in key curriculum areas.

The GLP offers schools in England:

  • A free peer-led locally-based programme of support to enhance teaching about global issues and whole school approaches to global learning;
  • e-credits which schools can use to pay for CPD from approved providers;
  • A specialised online audit tool for schools to highlight current global learning strengths and areas of priority;
  • An individualised action plan for schools to understand how they might enhance future global learning provision;
  • Curriculum guidance to support global learning in key subject areas;
  • Easily-accessible and approved resources available to support classroom teaching and whole-school global learning initiatives;
  • An online tool to assess pupils’ global learning;
  • Opportunities for teachers to become accredited GLP Lead Practitioners and for schools to become GLP Expert Centres;
  • The Innovation Fund to support teacher-led research on a global learning issue.

To find out more about the GLP and to register your school, visit: