From SEEd – UNESCO Key Partner of the Global Action Programme on ESD

Dear all,
In 2019, the UNESCO Education for Sustainable Development Global Action Programme (GAP) will be coming to an end and a new phase will begin.  Many of the members across the five GAP Partner networks have achieved a great deal around ESD activities, including work on transforming learning and training environments (i.e. whole institutional approaches).  As we begin to plan for the next phase, it will be important to capture and learn from this work across the five networks. 
In this context, UNESCO GAP Partner Network 2,  is pleased to invite you to take part in a survey to identify the state of whole institutional approaches to ESD and learn from GAP members and their partners about their work/methods. The survey identifies five generic areas of whole institutional approaches to education for sustainable development. They are:
– governance/policy/management
– Curriculum, teaching and learning
– Campus and facilities
– Community, partnership, outreach and communication
– Research, action research.
If you want to read more about whole institution approaches you can view a backgrounder at It is also available in French and Spanish at the links provided below.
The results of the survey will be:
·       analyzed and compiled into a summary report, made available on the UNESCO website
·       presented during the next UNESCO GAP Partner Network meeting in 2019.
We would kindly ask that you take the time to fill in the online survey by  August 10, 2018.  One can do so by either, answering on behalf of your organization/department/institution/network or alternatively, send the survey to your partners to have them complete the survey, or both. 
To access the survey, click on this link:  Please note that the survey is available in English, French and Spanish. You can either access the French or Spanish version by clicking on the top right English button on the Web page in Survey Monkey or click on one of the links provided below.
Note that If you know of any policies to embed whole institution approaches please add these to the comments section of the survey. The questions are quick and simple – it should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. You can stop the survey at any time and resume it later. 
Should you have questions related to the survey, please write to
We look forward to your participation.
SEEd and UNESCO GAP Partner Network 2