Sustainability Attitudes

Sustainability Attitudes

We want to find out how people are feeling about sustainability; both as a wider subject, and in relation to their personal lives. So in May 2018 we released a survey that asked young people about their attitudes to sustainability. Then, through work with schools during those first few months, we designed and released two further surveys, one for adults, and one for children under the age of twelve.  

These surveys were designed to help you explore and question your own feelings, learning, thinking, knowledge, and assumptions around sustainability. Through which we would gain a better insight into how young people, teachers, and other community members and educators feel about sustainability and sustainability education.

The Surveys

Our surveys have now relaunched for their second year, please follow the links below to complete the one that is relevant to you.

Since the release of the surveys we have gathered over 1,900 responses from the UK and beyond.

These responses will form part of a five year longitudinal study, during which time we will re-release the surveys each year in order to compare the results year on year, and gather accurate data about trends and changes throughout our society, which supports our continuing work with UNESCO.

As well as giving us the above information, the data gathered will be used by SEEd to better understand our own client base, enabling us to design and deliver better and more relevant programmes for both educators and young people. Already we can see emerging differences between the ways that different age groups view both their understanding and their learning and teaching of sustainability as a subject, and we are beginning to get a picture of just what young people across the UK want to be taught about sustainability and climate change.

Alongside this the data will be used by SEEd to form part of our research and evidence work supporting our Campaign to Change the Education Act. Already results are showing that UK residents are concerned about sustainability and climate change, and that young people are asking for Education for Sustainable Development to be part of their compulsory studies. Being able to bring this nationwide, and indeed international, longitudinal study could be a powerful tool for change.

Each year the surveys will close at the end of July, and during August the years results will be collated, recorded, and then presented. These results will be available for the public in documents which you can find here on this page. Please follow the links below to view the documents.

School Audits

A further use for this survey is as a school audit, and we encourage schools across the country and beyond to use it as such.

In order to use the survey as an audit simply ask the students and staff of your school/class to fill in the survey that is relevant to them (Adults, Youth, Children U 12), making sure that at the end of the survey they complete the box that asks which school, institution or organisation they are from. Once all students and staff have done this please contact us via, we can gather and separate all the surveys from your institution and send the data to you. Once you have the data you can use it to understand where your staff and students are at, or to compare their learning and understanding year on year alongside our research.

Although we will send you your data, we will retain copies of this data that will form part of our research.

Schools and other institutions will never be named within our results.


Please see the links below for the results to our Sustainability Attitudes Surveys.

  • Sustainability Attitudes Survey Results Academic Year 2018/2019 – This link is not currently live, the survey report is in its final stages of editing and will be released soon.

For any further information on this research project please contact Rachael via