Energy & Climate Change

This topic is about energy and climate change

This topic is about energy consumption, renewable versus non-renewable energy, CO2 emissions, fuels, and climate change.

There are curriculum links here to science, maths, geography, and many other subjects. At the moment, KS3 Science includes studying fuels and comparing power or energy values of appliances. However, a sustainable element can easily be brought in to the debate through discussions on renewable energy and how to make appliances more efficient or conserve resources.

Resource examples for Primary:
Resource examples for Secondary:

How does this link to Education for Sustainable Development pedagogies?

Watch this short clip on socially critical thinking for more information on how to embed learning for sustainability into your teaching.

Ann Finlayson, Executive Chair of SEEd, has suggested a few areas of enquiry which could be used when discussing this topic with pupils:

The questions we ask ourselves and the lines of enquiry we choose to take are very important, for example: does your school focus solely on encouraging the switching off of lights? What message does this send to the students? Do they know where most energy savings can be made? Is this at a domestic, national or global scale? What is our energy mix in the UK? How has this changed over time? Why are we worried about fuel security?

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