Changemakers – Facilitating Learning for Sustainability

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Probably one of the most useful things I’ve done in a long while in terms of immediate practical application.

Zoe – 2020

Our Changemakers Course is specifically designed to give you the skills, tools, and support you need to embed sustainability, and make real change happen. It brings together facilitation techniques with learning theory, social learning, and practice, with a focus on sustainability and the learning processes needed when groups come together to generate and develop ideas and actions.

The part time course runs over a period of three months and takes place both online and in person. Places are limited to 12 so if you’re interested in booking onto our 2021 intake, contact Isa at

Who is it for:

Anyone working in any capacity who wants to learn to design and facilitate creative events and workshops for sustainability change.

….the course changed something for and in me. I feel like I now have clear value, purpose, vision and confidence in my workplace, whereas before I felt overlooked, underutilised and confused about the way I work/learn/think.

Kerstin – 2020

Learn About: 

  • Learning
  • Leading Change
  • Facilitation Techniques 
  • Developing Action Learning
  • Designing and Implementing facilitated events & workshops
  • Delivering effective Action Learning
  • Facilitating groups for Creativity, Change & Collaborative Working
  • And more…

How the course is structured:

The Changemakers – Facilitating Learning for Sustainability course is broken down into four components:

Foundation – Starts 31st August: The course begins with a series of online sessions, seven weeks prior to gathering for the first intensive weekend. This is designed to lay the foundations for your learning and begin the thinking necessary to make the course truly transformative. 
Weekend 1 – 16th+17th October: We will meet for the first time at Tranquility House, our eco-venue in Stroud, for two days of intensive and participatory learning. Over the weekend we will examine how we learn and communicate, what factors affect behaviours, how to influence, as well as developing your own action learning projects. The focus is on how to embed transformative approaches for sustainability and develop the skills and tools you need to make real change happen.
Action Learning: This supported and mentored six to eight weeks is where you will work on your own action learning project, putting the learning from the course so far into your own work setting.
Weekend 2 – Dates arranged to suit: During the second face to face weekend of the course we will feedback and reflect on what has been learned. We will also delve deeper into learning, and complex facilitation processes, and how to make lasting change.

Course cost:

The whole course costs just £700. If you’re a SEEd member we offer 10% off. We also have a small number of places at a discouted price for students, and those with special circumstances, email
A deposit of £200 will secure your place, with the remainder paid prior to the course.

If 10 of your staff could benefit from this course, we can offer it for £6300. A whole organisation bespoke course can be created. Contact

We look forward to meeting you!

To find out more, or book your place on the course, please email

What previous Participants have said:

We’ve just finished a workshop with our Information and Digital Services directorate who wanted us to help them develop a sustainability road map and action plan, and I can genuinely say that it is one of the best things I’ve run – entirely due to that weekend.  Great to have had the opportunity to put things into practice

Zoe 2020

Inspirational weekend, that helped make sense and put names and meaning to some of the techniques. I loved the energy and the way the environment was created for connecting people, building ideas, and a community.


It is an intense experience, it empowered me with a range of tools and techniques to deliver, manage, and gain results from any group.

Joseph – 2019

Ann and Doug have shared their knowledge and experience in such a friendly, open, and tailored manner. They’ve inspired me to keep my momentum going and given me the tools to make it effective. 

Victoria – 2019

This course has been totally transformative for me and will change the way I interact in groups from now on! 

Laura – 2019

I enjoyed having my assumptions and lazy thinking challenged.

Gavin – 2018

Collectively it has been a fantastic experience of building ideas, sharing knowledge, and inspiring actions. Facilitation is a powerful tool, and we have had fantastic phenomenal mentors on the course who kindly shared their vast experience. 


If you work with groups of people in sustainability, and you have the opportunity to do training with SEEd then you must.

Ben – 2017

I haven’t been on such a friendly, relaxed, and educational session for years.


This has been a course full of energy, with lots of new ideas but also a refresher of previously learnt ideas. 

Jenny – 2017

These last 2 days have been very helpful/useful/inspirational, and I have learned so much about how to facilitation interactions and gather ideas in an efficient way. I also understand that each person has a different role in a working group and a different way of learning, and each of them is essential! 

Ant – 2017

I gained a boost in confidence to lead change in my school.


Read our Changemakers – Action Learning Review to see the real impact this course has had on previous participants work and lives.

Course Facilitators

Ann Finlayson, Executive Chair of SEEd is known as one of the best facilitators and experienced educators in ESD in the UK. She is an award winning evaluation expert.

As the Commissioner for Education for the Sustainable Development Commission, she facilitated workshops within government departments and with senior officials. She has worked in as an independent facilitator both within the UK and internationally, including Australia, Papua New Guinea, Canada, Japan, Greece, USA, and Sweden.

Ann is recognised for her work by being invited, through SEEd, to be a Key Global Partner with UNESCO where her work on whole institution approaches and ESD continues to influence and be embedded around the world.

Doug Hulyer is an environmentalist, educator, independent advisor, heritage advocate, writer and artist. Chair of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site,
Chair of The Earth Trust, Woodchester Mansion Trust and Vice-president of Surrey Wildlife Trust (including delivery of one of the first educational nature reserves in the UK at Nower Wood, Surrey).

One of the founders of the Real World Learning Campaign; BBC Breathing Places; Chair of Defra Education and Public Understanding group, Project Director for London Wetland Centre, Barnes. Formerly Director with Wetlands and Wildfowl Trust, Board Member of English Nature and then Natural England (2002 – 2014) and Trustee of Heritage Lottery Fund (2006-2013).Depending on the interest of the group, one or more experts will be available to teach different sessions. In the past these have been on community engagement, values and frames for influence, environmental education, biodiversity etc.

To find out more, or book your place on the course, please email

Read our Learning for Sustainability – Facilitation and Leadership course Evaluation Report to see the impact the course has delivered over the last 12 years.