SEEd are the founding member, manager and chair of the Sustainable Schools Alliance. The Alliance was set up in 2011 following a series of consultations which came about as a result of the coalition government’s decision to stop support for the Sustainable Schools initiative.

The Alliance is composed of 17 representatives from organizations across the UK who are working to embed sustainability into formal and non-formal education. These range from smaller NGOs and organisations such as Target4Green and Peterborough Environment City Trust through to larger groups such as RSPB, NUS and Keep Britain Tidy.

The board meets once a term to discuss, share, network and collaborate. The main outcomes include: collaborative working; the creation of new projects; the development of a new strategy; collaboration on the National Sustainable Schools Conference; collaboration on the campaign to change the Education Act; and a regular blog series featuring contributions from board members.

If you are interested in joining the Sustainable Schools Alliance, please contact For a full list of SSA members and for more information on the alliance, please visit: