We’d like to say a huge thank you to Intermediate Capital Group plc who raised a whopping £809 for us over the festive period.

Vanessa got in touch with me just before Christmas, letting me know that ICG were planning a festive charity day at work and would like to donate the proceeds to SEEd.

Details were exchanged, and we didn’t hear anything more until last week, when we received a cheque for £809 through the post, from ICG.

This donation, and others of it’s kind, are what enables SEEd to keep doing the work we do; promoting ESD across the UK and internationally in partnership with UNESCO; working with schools across the country to embed a Whole School Approach to sustainability into every aspect of their institution; and of course working with students who are now telling us regularly that they WANT sustainability learning and environmental education in their curriculum.

Every donation received helps us to keep working for the future. And we’d like to say a huge Thank You to Intermediate Capital Group, and to anyone else who has, or is thinking of, holding any kind of charity day or fundraiser for SEEd.

Thank You.