SEEd supports and enables educators and young people to place sustainability at the heart of their work and learning.

We are THE  hub for bringing together, sharing and enhancing best practice in sustainability and environmental education.

We empower; we facilitate; we catalyse to promote the new learning required by all of us to live sustainably.

We know that sustainability (and how to live and work sustainably) is a developing area of knowledge and skills. Our goal is to keep people updated and thinking about good practice. Our policy work aims to share this practice and encourage supportive systems for educators to carry out this important work.

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SEEd have compiled a series of informative ESD resources that are designed for governors, bursars, pupils, teachers and school leaders, as well as those supporting schools such as local authorities and NGOs.

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Frustrated by not getting the support you need to embed sustainability in your workplace or institution? Are you left doing it all as the eco-champion? Not sure how to make change happen? Then this facilitation course for you. You will get the skills, tools and support to begin to make real change happen. In its 10th year, the next course will run at the beginning of September 2019.

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It’s a scandal how little support and encouragement our education system gives to young people and their learning about sustainability. It is not in the national curriculum, and climate change is only in from GCSEs onwards! What is more, consistently young people have said they want to learn more and do more for sustainability and their futures.

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What Young People Want

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