David Hicks, an experienced educator with a special interest in education for sustainability, climate change and the shift to a post-carbon future, researches and writes about ways of helping students and teachers think more critically and creatively about sustainable futures.

Lessons for the Future: The Missing Dimension in Education addresses the challenge of the uncertain future and the global issues raised by that uncertainty, providing a number of ideas for activities inside the classroom and out.

Sustainable Schools, Sustainable Futures: A resource for teachers is divided into three main sections: ‘Learning for Tomorrow’, ‘Stories from the Future’ and ‘A Journey of Hope’.

Commentators describe these books as “admirable and carefully researched”, “timely and significant” and “highly accessible as well as thought provoking”.

His latest book, due out in 2014, is Education for Hope in Troubled Times: Climate change, peak oil and the transition to a post-carbon future.

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