Dartmouth Academy : Environmental Sustainability Report

Dartmouth Academy is an all age comprehensive school for students aged from 3 to 18 years. In recent years it has opted out of local authority control. In the very near future work will begin on a major rebuild of the school costing £8.5 million.

This report was compiled over a period of a year and involved a number of meetings with staff on site, external providers for a range of services, involved a number of school assemblies and also involved a waste audit of the lower school in July 2011. It records the achievements of the school so far, and also gives recommendations for improvements.

Every classroom has a blue recycling container for waste paper and card with a blue sack inside the container that is clearly labelled. Nearly every classroom has a green container for plastic bottles and cans with a clear sack inside the container. Every classroom also has colour posters explaining what goes in each recycling bin.

The school has two wind turbines, each of which produce around 6KW of electricity. The two wind turbines according to the reading on July 13th this year produced some 43.491 kWhrs of energy to date. This resulted in 24,789kg of carbon emissions avoided.

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