Solar Options for Schools

Together we can achieve more

Solar panels, and the ability to use a renewable electricity source, are within the reach of many schools.

In the UK and internationally, Solar for Schools is looking to put solar panels on to school roofs. If your school network would like to have clean renewable energy at no cost to the school, (whatever country you work in) please get in touch.

To find out more contact Victoria at

UK schools benefit by fixing their electricity price today to RPI and so avoid the energy price rises of the future. They can also have a share in the profits and a maintained teaching resource for the future.  The chance to have a solar panels system installed without any capital upfront is not possible for all, but it is still within the grasp of many. You can read about some of the experiences of UK schools on the Solar for Schools website.

In Germany, nurseries are looking at hedging against ever-rising energy prices and Solar for Schools is keen to help schools in other countries to achieve a renewable source of power that brings them educational gains as well as financial ones too.

At SEEd we see how solar panels can bring opportunities to link the curriculum and the campus and we believe that by working with organisations like Solar for Schools we can achieve more and so encourage more schools to embrace a lower carbon future.  Together we can achieve.

If you would like to join and help more schools take advantage of the opportunites, contact Victoria at or Ann Flaherty at Solar Options for Schools on 07946 245 556 or email

It is important to note that for every £50,000 Solar for Schools invests in solar panels on a school in the UK, the school will benefit from between £100,000 and £200,000 in savings and profit share over the first 20 years of the system while saving over 600 tonnes of carbon emissions and helping reduce climate change.

To find out if your school is eligible and how much it might save please register with the solar for schools