January 17, 2022

SEEd Member News January 2022

The Sustainability Centre: Upcoming Courses The Sustainability Centre has a whole range of courses coming up in 2022 covering activities including foraging, mental health first aid, […]
December 15, 2021

SEEd Member News – December 2021

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust PhD Opportunity: How does engaging with nature impact on the health and wellbeing of children from disadvantaged communities? Numerous studies have demonstrated positive […]
November 29, 2021

Education as if People and Planet Matter

A personal reflection on Education by Associate Sociology Professor, SEEd Trustee and Mother, Katy Wheeler July 2019: I can feel my baby softly nudging me as […]
November 17, 2021

SEEd Member News – November 2021

WWT FREE nature connection programme for schools WWT have recently launched their Generation Wild programme which will connect 45,000 children and their families with nature. It […]
October 18, 2021

SEEd Member News – October 2021

Reboot the Future: Reboot the Conversation Their new conversation initiative builds on the How Will You Reboot the Future? campaign in April, where they successfully engaged 14,000 campaign visitors […]
September 20, 2021

Biomimicry – Learning from the Natural World

Richard Dawson Nature has evolved over 3.8 billion years into a model of sustainability, offering a guide for our own human endeavours to live in harmony […]
August 5, 2021

A Curriculum for People and Planet

By Jenny Rhodes Today’s schoolchildren will be adults in the 2030s, and will probably face serious issues due to the climate and ecological emergency. Are we […]
July 9, 2021
Educating young people in the vegetable garden

Sustainability in Action

Education magazine FundEd features SEEd projects in their Summer magazine
April 15, 2021
Ben Hren is currently the Environmental Education Advisor at the Arbor School in Dubai. He is supporting the development of a systems approach to Ecoliteracy, driven by the school’s mission to prepare all its learners to be caring contributors to a future where there is “enough for all, forever.” During his time in the UK, he served as the Head of Formal Education for WWF-UK, where he co-authored “Pathways,” and was seconded to the UK Sustainable Development Commission, where he led the development of the Sustainable School Self-evaluation.

We are born consumers – literally!

Without the ability to photosynthesise, we rely on other organisms for our most fundamental of needs. As we grow, we gain independence as consumers. We spend […]