Brabin’s is an award-winning Eco-school preparing children for a lifetime of sustainable living.

At Brabin’s, staff and the children are keen to share their successes and acheivements with others to encourage them on similar eco journeys.  This desire to share has led to Brabin’s been awarded with the Eco-Schools Ambassador award in Spring 2011.

As well as this, Brabin’s also participates actively with Learning Outside the Classroom, and undertakes numerous activities in moving towards becoming a sustainable school.

Their Eco Committee is made up of children from throughout the school who voluntarily take part and take responsibility for this area of the school. The committee also includes the headteacher, teaching staff, governors and parent representatives.

Children who attend 3 committee meetings receive a committee badge to be worn on their uniform. The children control much of the agenda with older children taking minutes. Meetings take place on average once every half term. Decisions are made democratically and pupils become involved in many activities that support the Citizenship programmes of study.

The school’s website can be viewed here.