Back to the future day 21st October

Marty Mcfly and Doc.Brown it seems  have a lot  to answer for in the time since the Back to the Future films rolled out across the world in the 1980’s and filled some of us with a hope that the future could be changed for the better.

In the field of sustainability we thought we could change the world and make the planet a safer and more sustainable place on which we could all co-exist. The need to change people’s attitudes towards the planet appeared clear and myriad groups set about trying to do so.

Unfortunately it would appear that a clear message to the peoples of the planet was lost in the scramble for status, political influence and money, amongst the myriad NGO’s , charities and environmental organisations with a desire to be heard above the rest.

The plethora of organisations and interest groups has  helped  obscure the real task , to change the attitudes amongst politicians and people to the issue of a sustainable future for the planet.

The need for Education for Sustainable Development in the schools of all nations is clear. Some states have recognised this and have made better progress than others. Education for sustainable development should be at the core of the world’s education systems. This is no small task and involves a significant re-appraisal of how we teach to enable learners across the world to become fully functional citizens in a secure and sustainable future.

Whatever today’s Marty and Doc. Brown might predict for the next 45 years it will require a significant mindshift amongst all nations of the world to ensure that we are all still here and able to exist in a sustainable manner and that will require and education for sustainability at the heart of everyone’s school curricula.

Stan Terry

SEEd Trustee