Another SEEdling gone with the wind…

As I found out about SEEd through what seemed like a very promising Sustainable Schools Conference in Bristol- I was immediately intrigued. The charity’s work, advocating for sustainable and environmental education, is something we rarely here talk about when discussing sustainability. As a student reading Politics and International Relations, I was particularly interested in SEEd’s campaign work and in understanding how a small organization achieves effective change at the decision-making level.

After a somewhat delayed start- my trip to the Bristol Conference in July was cancelled due to strikes in Calais, I finally began my journey with SEEd in August, with much excitement and anticipation! I was extremely warmly welcomed by Victoria (SEEd’s project manager) who opened the door to the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) world. After three days with SEEd an informal campaign meeting was organised with collaborating NGO’s. It consisted of frantic note taking on my behalf with terms I did not yet grasp and ending with the assigned task of producing an evidence framework of collected documents. Gasp! Thankfully after five weeks of digging and exploring through numerous documents, I managed to complete the task, phew! Along the way I learned a great deal, not only regarding the practical aspects of the organisation, but especially about the crucial role and necessity of ESD in today’s education system and society. Indeed ESD is a crucial tool in developing conscientious and responsible citizens capable of building and responding to the challenges of today’s world.

My time at SEEd came to an end somewhat regretfully, but hugely grateful to have worked there. Indeed it allowed me to develop valuable professional skills, and just as importantly, provided me with an unforgettable personal experience. Indeed SEEd truly reflects what it promotes, in its work ethic, allowing me to develop skills by putting trust in me and creating a fantastic environment driven by empathy, kindness, energy and passion. An inspiring reminder that with care, drive and dedication you can achieve change!

Fiona Pedeboy

SEEd Intern