Annual General (Risk-takers) Meeting

Prior to writing this blog on SEEd’s AGM, I spent quite a while trying to think of a theme that connects the three great speakers who will join us at Pennthorpe Independent School on the 15th October. Each one has approached sustainability in education from a diverse perspective. George, a 17-year-old from City of London school, has spent the last 5 years campaigning and raising money for WaterAid and other charities, including setting up a group whose proceeds from CD sales are all given to charitable causes. Carrie, founder of Sussex Green Living – a network which encourages care and understanding of the natural world – first became involved in the sustainability movement as a result of entering into motherhood. Whilst Kerri, a biology teacher at Eton College, has recently created, applied and successfully been appointed the role of first Environmental Education and Sustainability coordinator at Eton.

At first glance, it would appear that what unites them (indeed a large number of us) is the desire for a more equitable and sustainable world. However, on reflection I realised that their commonalities run deeper than simply desiring change. What truly brings these individuals together is their ability to take action and, most crucially, to take risks. In the context of the 21st century, the word risk seems to be most frequently associated with financial endeavours and therefore brings to mind slightly negative images given what is often at stake. The examples of Carrie, George and Kerri highlight the professional, personal, and (on occasion) financial benefits to be gained when risk-taking is motivated by a desire to create positive change in the world.

As one of our recent facebook posts stated, the risks that you do decide to take do not need to be life-changing or have immediately tangible results. In fact, given that this is sustainability we are talking about, it’s probably for the best they don’t. What is essential, is that you are not afraid to try and, even more importantly, that you are not afraid to fail. Every experience is a learning process. Here at SEEd, we often frame this in an approach called action learning. This link to a copy of Kolb’s learning cycle helps to show that this is a continuous process, that it is always possible to learn from both successes and failures! It’s a process which I refer to often here in the office when I feel like I could have done something in a slightly different way or when I’m aware things haven’t always gone to plan.

If you are ready to begin taking some risks (big or small) but are looking for a little extra help to get you there, I would really encourage you to come along to our AGM on the 15th October. It truly will be a great opportunity to meet some inspiring risk-takers who might just be the people you were looking for to help get you started. To register, please follow this link or send us an email at for more details.

We strongly encourage members to attend and help us to vote in our new trustees. We have a few opening spots for anyone interested in joining as a trustee of SEEd. Please contact for further details.

Victoria Tait

SEEd Projects Manager