Worcestershire County Council represents the people of Worcestershire. They provide a range of environmental services. In terms of sustainability more specifically, the Council provides home energy advice, support for businesses, runs several initiatives like Let’s Waste Less, and encourages community energy projects.

Its Climate Change strategy has gained the Worcestershire Partnership national recognition for its work tackling climate change. The strategy’s aims are to achieve carbon reduction as well as resilience to a changing climate. It aims to:

  • Build Worcestershire’s low carbon economy.
  • Hit tough but critical carbon targets.
  • Adapt to inevitable climate change.
  • Empower Worcestershire’s communities to take action.

In terms of education, the Council runs a Learning for Sustainability programme. They believe that ensuring children are educated on sustainable development is vital for our future. The Council also argues that learning for sustainability allows children to develop their own passion for action on sustainability, and gain transferrable skills to become future citizens.


To find out more, please visit their website:


You can also have a look at the environmental education area of their website:



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