The SW Learning for Sustainability Coalition is a Community Interest Company that links a network of over 120 organisations and individuals who understand that learning is crucial to support and accelerate the development of a sustainable South West. Members share an expertise in sustainable development, education and learning.
The Coalition has three main roles:
  • Developing a coherent framework within which ESD initiatives and services can be located.
  • Pro-actively sharing ideas and experiences across the region and with other regions.
  • Giving the ESD movement a ‘voice’, a sense of solidarity and a stronger means of influencing policy makers and those who monitor and fund learning.
The Coalition exists to champion education for sustainable development [ESD] in the region. It is bound firstly by a shared conviction that sustainable development is a priority, and that learning is the key to this; and, secondly, commonly-held values around the importance of education, the need to promote active citizenship, and the central importance of co-operation across communities.

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