Solving big challenges needs Big Ideas. Solutions for the Planet (S4TP) believes that an idea can come from anyone and anywhere. They create environments that bring together experience and imagination. They also try to inspire new ways of thinking by connecting enquiring minds from business and schools. They believe that this sharing of knowledge and skills has potential to shape the future.

Solutions for the Planet specialises in connecting businesses with schools in their local communities to solve social, environmental and economic challenges. Their focus is on the energy, utility and construction sector, where there is an urgent need to retain and recruit innovative thinkers. By giving people the opportunity to mentor in a dynamic learning environment, their creative and leadership skills are increased.

Therefore, Solutions for the Planet (S4TP) builds open innovation partnerships between young people, schools, businesses and communities. These partnerships create sustainable Big Ideas that benefit our society, economy and environment.

In terms of education, they offer an annual programme to schools for KS3 students. Students work to explore a wide range of sustainability problems linked to our core themes: energy, water and waste.


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