Schools Funding Network (SFN) has been developed by a team of leading professional fundraisers. Designed specifically for the needs of schools, it enables educational establishments to fundraise for any project, and interact with potential funders such as major donors, charitable trusts, foundations, parents and others.

The Schools Funding Network works in three ways to connect Schools with donors:

  1. Schools can create Fundraising Activities and take donations. A School can use the SFN Platform to publish their Fundraising Activities. They can request donations for any cause they wish. The platform gives them a single place to manage all their fundraising, which they can promote easily and effectively.
  2. Major Donors can make Offers to Schools. If a donor has something of significant value to donate to Schools, they can become a Major Donor and use the platform to manage their donation. This has a number of benefits, such as allowing the Major Donor to control and track how their donation has been used and what benefit it has had on the School or Schools receiving it. If their donation is of goods or services, they can gather valuable feedback and research from Schools.
  3. Major Donors can make Challenges to Schools. ‘Challenges’ are a unique and exciting feature of the SFN Platform. They allow major donors to make their offers conditional on Schools also raising money towards a certain fundraising target. This is a great way to bring major donors and individual donors together – If a school meets their fundraising target then they ‘unlock’ the Challenge donation, making their fundraising even more successful.


To find out more, please visit their website:


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