The RSPB is the country’s largest nature conservation charity. Their aim is to inspire everyone to ‘give nature a home’.

Together with their partners, they protect threatened birds and other wildlife to ensure that our country remains teeming with life. They also play a leading role in a worldwide partnership of nature conservation organisations.

In terms of education, the RSPB states that one of the greatest threats facing our natural environment is people’s growing disconnection from nature, especially that of children. If people do not have a connection to nature, they do not realise its value or feel a sense of responsibility for it, and are less likely to take action to save it. Therefore, the RSPB tries to get as many children as possible to be engaged with nature, so they value it and prioritise it. This is based on the idea that if they are connected to nature, children will take action to save it now, and throughout their lives.

The RSPB also aims to support teachers and educators with resources and ideas to actively engage their classes or groups. They are passionate about getting young people outside and experiencing nature first-hand.


To find out more, please visit their website:

You can also have a look at the environmental education area of their website:


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