The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom is a charity existing to champion learning outside the classroom (LOtC) and encourage young people to get out and about. They feel this is important because research shows that children learn best through real world, hands on experiences. The Council took over responsibility for the Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto in April 2009.

They believe that EVERY child should be given the opportunity to experience life and lessons beyond the classroom walls as a regular part of growing up. These experiences expand the horizons of young people, opening their eyes to the wonders of areas such as art, heritage, culture, adventure and the natural world.

The Council ensures that more young people have access to these life changing experiences by providing support on the ground, facilitating the sharing of best practice, and promoting the benefits of LOtC in raising attainment and aspirations, reducing truancy and re-motivating those who are disengaged from their education.


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