Keep Britain Tidy believes that where we live matters; cleaner streets, beaches and parks provide the backbone for strong communities. They also think that how we live matters; by preserving scarce resources, wasting less and recycling more, we create a healthier society, and a healthier planet too.

Keep Britain Tidy is an independent environmental charity, which campaigns for people’s rights to live and work in a place that they can be proud of. A single truth underpins their aims – caring for the environment is the first step to a better society.

They started with just litter sixty years ago, but have since expanded greatly. They have also recently merged with Waste Watch to better aid in the management of waste. For example, they run the world’s largest environmental education programme, called Eco-Schools England. Keep Britain Tidy also runs a range of other educational programmes, campaigns and networks. They take a collaborative approach to help ensure that change is achieved.

Keep Britain Tidy works closely with SEEd as a member of the Sustainable Schools Alliance.


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