The Forest of Dean Transition group is a community initiative seeking local solutions to the challenges of peak oil and climate change.

The initiative is part of a rapidly growing network of ‘Transition’ communities across the UK, who are planning and designing ways to use less energy and resources to make their towns more resilient to climate change and more pleasurable places to live. The majority opinion of the scientific community is that, as a culture, we cannot continue to live the way we do. To thrive in the future means to live in a different way than we have in the recent past. The Forest of Dean Transition group believes that if this is what we want, we need to prepare … together.

According to them, three of the most important issues are our dependency upon oil, the ongoing collapse of our financial system and the changing climate, all of which urge us towards greater local stability and resilience. To change this requires a large shift; therefore, their purpose is to focus on starting such a transition in the Forest of Dean. They hope to prepare for the transition before it is forced upon us, to prevent a collapse.

But the transition process is suited to small towns, and the Forest doesn’t really fit this pattern. Therefore, the Transition group has become a loose alliance of interested activists, with a website and a core group that meet irregularly.


To find out more, please visit their website:


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