Commonwork is a local centre of exploratory practice and experiential learning in environmental, social and economic sustainability.

It is run as a set of mutually supportive social enterprises including a working organic dairy farm, productive gardens, residential facilities and a newly developed low carbon resource and study centre.

Commonwork has a long history of offering education in sustainable development and global citizenship as part of wider movements pursuing similar objectives. It has sought to develop and share with others locally and globally the very privileged and unique set of resources at Bore Place, its centre in Kent.

As well as offering a base for other organisations to meet for conferences, seminars, residentials, awaydays and training, staff at Bore Place offer a range of educational and practical activities for schools, teachers, universities and community groups negotiated to suit their needs. These explore in practice what it would be like to work co-operatively with nature and people worldwide, and engage, challenge and encourage people to participate in the process of learning and exchange ideas and experience.


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