The Circle of Life Rediscovery Community Interest Company tries to reconnect people from all backgrounds and ages to the natural world. They do this through providing bespoke nature based experiences and programmes that are educational but fun. They also run funded projects with their partners to support health and well-being for vulnerable members of society. The company offers days for schools and family days in the woodlands, residential camps and Forest Schools. They also run adult training CPD days.

The Circle of Life Rediscovery company has two main aims:

  1. To move people to a more mature and respectful relationship with the natural world through providing nature based experiences.
  2. To influence a change in cultural, personal and environmental values through collaboration with other people and organisations.

The company says that rediscovering nature is beneficial and therapeutic for all ages. They believe that it makes us happier, healthier, increases our self-esteem, resilience and instils a lifelong love of nature. A reconnection to nature is even more important due to the threat that non-regenerative and disconnected human behaviour has caused to the earth. CofL argues that we have a care-taking responsibility that we must embrace.


To find out more, please visit their website:


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