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SEEd’s Sustainability Curriculum is an initiative designed to create a sustainability curriculum to help schools develop their ‘local school curriculum’.

With the National Curriculum being slimmed down to represent ‘essential knowledge’ in key subjects, all schools will be expected to develop their own complementary school curriculum which comprises all learning and other experiences that each school must provide for its pupils.

Research increasingly shows that schools using sustainability principles help their pupils to develop positive attitudes to their futures, enjoy learning which means they are more likely to be better behaved, are more engaged in class and attain better results.

This is a collaborative project for us all! SEEd will work with associations, teaching unions, student unions, teachers, heads, NGOs, teacher trainers, universities, examining bodies together to develop a sustainability curriculum for our students.

It will help teachers stay informed or get started, link action projects to real achievement that can be tracked, ensure that all students can get an understanding and skill set around sustainability (not just the eco-club members).  There is a wealth of experience, good ideas and good practice out there – now is the best time to bring this work together, share and develop more.

To get involved with this project, please fill out this form or contact admin@se-ed.org.uk.