We believe that it is the fundamental right of every child to have access to learning which equips them with the skills and competencies to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Since the end of the Sustainable Schools initiative in 2010 this has ceased to be the case in England*. Our campaign is about putting sustainability back at the heart of all young people’s learning.

The Department for Education have stated that it is up to individual schools and teachers to decide how they will implement sustainability in young people’s education. In the majority of cases, this means that pupils miss out on this fundamental right as teachers are often too overwhelmed with other areas of work. The government insists that young people have multiple opportunities to learn about climate change throughout their education. Yet this is only one part of sustainability education and fails to demonstrate the interconnectedness of economic, societal and environmental systems which would be the case if a school were to embed sustainability across its campus, curriculum and community.

SEEd, supported by the Sustainable Schools Alliance, want to make this a reality for all young people.

What we want:

Section78 of the Education Act (2002) will be amended by inserting the following after subsection (1) (b): (c) instils an ethos and ability to care for oneself, others and the natural environment, now and in the future

What you can do:

  • Write to your MP to ask that sustainability be incorporated in the Education Act. SEEd have created this template which could be used when contacting your MP. You can find out about how to contact your local MP here, and – if possible – follow this up with a visit.
  • Donate to SEEdSEEd is a small charity with a big mission. We need your support to ensure that we can continue our vital work now and in the future.
  • Join as a MemberJoin our growing network of individuals, NGOs, businesses, schools and many more who support what SEEd is trying to achieve for all young people.  

*Pupils in Scotland are offered this opportunity through the Curriculum for Excellence and it is also in the General Teaching Council. Wales has also developed policy on this through their Wellbeing of Future Generations Act.

Our Shared World

Our Shared World is a diverse network of organisations seeking to advocate for and support the successful realisation of SDG 4.7 across England by 2030, as well as supporting this campaign to change the education act.