As an education charity, SEEd uses capacity building and the catalysation of new audiences as its main social change approaches. We combine this with cross-sectoral learning, social learning, innovation, new collaborations, and scaling-up methods.

Our goal is to broaden and deepen the practice of education for sustainability and environmental education. SEEd uses policy informed by practice to influence government and other organisations.

We are working to change societal attitudes and norms towards sustainability and environmental issues through educators and the education system.

SEEd works across the two middle sections of the below diagram

Going forward – 2016-2025

Throughout the next strategic plan period (2016-2025) SEEd will deliver on the following four interlinked programmes – the four C’s of SEEd


SEEd’s core is a facilitated hub and information service to its members and the public. Our online presence is becoming the engine-house for discussion and debate about the new ways of thinking and doing.

Change (Advocacy and campaign (UK)

SEEd leads on a non-partisan campaign that seeks to re-define the purpose of our education system, taking into account the urgent need for a sustainability-led curriculum. 

Connect (Global advocacy and sharing)

SEEd supports and showcases the UN Sustainable Development Goals through UNESCO as well as UNESCO’s Global Action Programme for Education for Sustainable Development. 

Create (Empowering)

SEEd continues to  develop wide-ranging programmes of activity


Our list of current and future projects connect with these areas – find out more