About Sustainability and Environmental Education

Sustainability and Environmental Education (SEEd) is a leading player, both in the UK and internationally.

We promote the new learning required by all of us, and particularly young people, if we are to live within the world’s planetary boundaries whilst ensuring social justice for all.  We empower; we facilitate; we catalyse. We are a unique proposition and organisation, and the only Education for Sustainable Development organisation that puts the natural environment at the heart of our work.

Become a member of SEEd

SEEd membership offers individuals and organisations a host of benefits including; access to resources, up to date information, discussion groups, professional development, and research.

Our Journey

We’ve come a long way since Sustainability and Environmental Education (SEEd) was established as a registered charity in 2008. Since then, we’ve been working with organisations, schools and educators to identify, promote, and support environmental education and education for sustainable development in the UK.

What is Education for Sustainable Development?

UNESCO defines education for sustainable development (ESD) as education that allows learners to acquire the skills, capacities, values and knowledge required to ensure sustainable development.

It also defines it as education for life-long learning, and that fosters responsible citizens and promotes democracy by allowing individuals and communities to enjoy their rights and fulfill their responsibilities.

The projects we’re working on

SEEd works collaboratively with organisations around the world, developing alliances, networks, and collaborative projects to ensure the Education for Sustainable Development work not only carries on, but flourishes with new ways of working and practices.

We’ve also developed a programme which seeks to enable and facilitate young people into the role of Change Makers for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our members and supporters

SEEd has a cross-sectoral membership that includes individuals, teachers, FE colleges, schools, local authorities, NGOs, and other organisations. To join, simply select your level of membership and complete our simple online membership form.