Rethinking Citizenship Workshop with Bronwyn Hayward

  • 11:00 AM
  • The Abbey Centre, 34 Great Smith Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 3BU
  • 020 7820 7569

Cost: £35 per person – includes lunch and refreshments, 10% discount for members

We are lucky to have Dr Bronwyn Hayward delivering this half day (11am – 3pm) seminar and workshop on her way back from Germany as her recent book,  ‘Children, Citizenship and Environment: Nurturing a Democratic Imagination in a changing world ‘ has been selected as the feature for the world children’s literacy festival in Frankfurt.

The Seminar and Workshop

Bronwyn’s seminar will focus on her research and NZ experience with young people in Christchurch after the many earthquakes that city has suffered. However, around the world, and even in the UK, children are growing up in a world where they are confronted by 4 difficult and intersecting challenges:

  • Dangerous environmental change;
  • Weakening democracies;
  • Growing social inequality;
  • and a global economy marked by unprecedented youth unemployment and unsustainable resource extraction.

This interactive workshop will then explore:

  • How we should teach citizenship and environmental education for a new generation of young citizens
  • Debating the question: ‘What if we really listened to children? ‘
  • Exploring a new SEEDS model of Ecological citizenship  (Social Agency, Environmental Education, Embedded Justice and Decentred Deliberation and Self transcendence)
  • Identifying ways that SEEDS ideas help those who want to support young citizens of all ages as they learn to make a difference on issues that matter to them, and to develop their own Social handprint for ecological justice
  • A take home set of actions to begin exploring this new way of thinking about citizenship

The workshop is lead by Dr Bronwyn Hayward, a New Zealand based political scientist and visiting fellow with the Sustainable Lifestyles and Environment Research Group at Surrey University, and chaired by Ann Finlayson, CEO of SEEd who recently designed SEEd’s whole day conference around young people’s participation in sustainable school, curriculum development and well being issues.



Bronwyn Hayward is a New Zealander and a Senior Lecturer in political science at the University of Canterbury, NZ and directs the UC College of Arts, Arts Scholars programme.

As a political scientist with a joint geography background, her work explores the way young citizens experience and understand their changing world. She often leads Parliamentary fieldtrips!

Her most recent book Children, Citizenship and Environment: Nurturing a democratic imagination in a changing world is published by Earthscan- Routledge: London and explores ways to support children to flourish as active citizens.

In the UK Bronwyn is a Visiting Fellow with the UK SLRG: Sustainable Lifestyles Research group at the University of Surrey, UK, focusing on youth issues and she is a co-lead researcher with the University of Oslo, Voices of the Future study which examines the challenges facing Norwegian children in a changing climate.

Bronwyn also serves the London based think tank Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development as a trustee with an interest in children and future generations.

Bronwyn has also been one of the lead authors of the 2010 United Nations Environment Programme’s global survey of the lifestyles of 18-35 year olds in 18 countries and is now working with the UN environment program’s sustainable consumption unit, and SLRG to develop a new global survey called CYCLEs for sustainability which will follow the lives of children growing up in 21 cities in 21 countries over the next 20 years.

Outside research and teaching Bronwyn has worked for children’s media (television and radio), she is a community advocate for children and served on the NZ Broadcasting Standards Authority.  Her previous edited book the Politics of Climate Change: Issues for New Zealand and small states of the Pacific was published by Dunmore and Sage.

Half the author royalties from Children Citizenship and Environment go to projects to address child poverty in her home town of Christchurch NZ after the devastating 2010 and 2011 earthquakes.


What others are saying about her latest book:

Bronwyn Hayward’s magisterial and wonderful book should be read by all those who think today’s childhoods are fine, or who think that children are unfit for democratic involvement, or that we’ll get anywhere through individual action – and also by those who already understand the issues, and the importance of children’s involvement in their resolution, as they will be re-inspired; in other words, by everyone.
William Scott, President, UK National Association for Environmental Education

Bronwyn Hayward provides a timely, thoughtful and constructive contribution to an important area of work: understanding how children can develop environmental citizenship. The generation growing up today need to be given the skills and opportunities to engage in shaping their future, rather than be expected to inherit the decisions made by adults now. Hayward makes a strong argument for community collaboration and creative imagination as just some of the key ingredients.
Lucy Stone, climate change advisor, UNICEF, UK

This book is a glorious testament to fortitude, to brilliant scholarship, to the wonderful voices of children’s engagement, and to real hope that the future can indeed be secure. Our job is to make it so. Bronwyn Hayward shows how we can do this through the enlightened and patient voices of tomorrow’s sustainable citizens.
Tim O’Riordan, University of East Anglia, UK